Kaiser Schlacht (Demo 2010) By xDemoNx

This demo is very strange. Abwehrschlacht is a quite new band (2007) from the United Kingdom and they present to us their first material. Here they play mid - tempo Black influenced by the dirty sound of Motorhead and the old punk sound. But let's see this album in detail. The first track did a great impression to me because it brought to my mind Wumbscut.

The guitars play a very dark continuous melody like it was coming out of a computer. Also the drum machine is monotonous, cold and they don't remind me of metal drums. The bass is in the frondline and gives depth to the track. The rest of the tracks are rhythmic with very dirty guitars, intense bass and more metal drum machine. The riffs are rhythmic, dark and very interesting. The drum machine will annoy those who want the sound and the abilities of a real drummer, however they didn't annoy me at all because on one hand the bass gives depth to the sound so the sound of the drums isn't empty, on the other hand their sound don't want to imitate the sound of a real drummer. The vocals are dirty treated in the studio and reminds more of electronic sound (Wumbscut, Suicide Commando etc.) instead of Black Metal vocals. The production is dirty, emphasising in the bass. The lyrics and also the style of the tracks is clearly military - warlusting.

The final track is a silly military march that there is no reason to be mentioned. In general i liked this demo a lot. I believe that it combines many different music styles successfully. The demo has been released in 150 handnumbered copies. Mine is the 77 copy so go get the rest.

1. Blood Red Moon 02:50
2. Weapon Be Thy Name 03:41
3. Die Sturmtruppen 04:10
4. Meat Grinder 04:18
5. Outro 03:37