Det Glemte Riket (1999) By xDemoNx

You will say, what an Ancient album is doing here. Yes, Ancient in general is a band that does not deserve to be called a BLACK METAL band. But in Det Glimte Riket we can find something good. The band plays BLACK METAL in the orthodox way here. The influences are obvious: the first Bathory era, Celtic Frost and the first wave of norwegian BLACK METAL. Firstly, this is a compilation of the '94 and '95 eps and some previous unreleased tracks. The lyrics are in norwegian. There are some great riffs and the rhythm of the songs is mid-tempo with some fast parts. The guitars are raw and cold. The drums are quite good but sometimes they don't fill the sound well. In addition the bass can hardly be heard. You can find a few keyboards but well played and matched with the general atmosphere. The best songs of the album are "Trolltaar" and "Det Glimte Riket". The worst is the cover of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf". To conclude it is a good album and an underrated part of the history of the Norwegian scene.

1. Trolltaar 06:18
2. Nattens Skjønnhet 08:16
3. Eerily Howling Winds 03:50
4. Det Glemte Riket 06:54
5. Huldra Dans 05:55
6. Paa Evig Vandring 07:56
7. Fjellets Hemmelighet 05:48
8. Algol 04:25
9. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover) 05:13