Manthe (2014) By xDemoNx

First of all I have to mention that the promo that I received by Adres, the bass player of the Italian Deadly Carnage, is one of the most organized and detailed packages I have received by a band. It contained a three page ριείχε ένα τρισέλιδο brochure with information about the band, a cd with Manthe, their new full length album which was released in March of 2014, and one more with the images of the album, the booklet, the lyrics and the video that they made for the track Dome of the Warders. The band itself helped me to get information about them and to begin the listen of their album with the best mood and a positive opinion for the way that the band works, at least for the promotion of their work.

All these are nice but now let’s move on to the most important part of an album, the music. Manthe, which is the third full length album of the band, contains seven compositions of overall duration of about fifty minutes. The music that the band presents us is melodic, melancholic Black Metal in the style of Moonspell and in some parts of the old Paradise Lost, with several Doom references and some elements that reminded me of the more recent period of Rotting Christ. The riffs that the listener will come across, are mainly of mid and slow speed, technical, melodic and always melancholic. Sometimes, mostly in several Doom passages and in some more fast outbursts, the atmosphere becomes darker and the melancholic feeling is lost and gives its position to darker feelings. The fact that the riffs are changing many times inside the track and that the listener can listen to them pleasantly, helps the compositions a lot. What do not help them is the atmosphere and the feeling. In the entire album apart from some exceptions the feeling that is put out is the same, something that becomes somewhat tedious.

The instruments are played flawlessly, with no mistakes, with very good technic and feeling. The guitars are played with passion and can deliver the atmosphere and feeling of the compositions with accuracy to the listener. The bass is not clearly audible. The drums have beautiful and quite interesting lines, they are played with absolute accuracy and awesome technic. The vocals remind a lot of the heavy dirty vocals of Moonspell, while in a few parts they become clean. They are quite expressive and their style fits to the style of the compositions. The production is clean and slightly bass, it puts out a full and warm sound. The mixture is very good as it has highlighted a little more the guitars but without losing the balance and has achieved to deliver a quite solid sound with much depth. The lyrics are written in English and they are contained in the cd. The lyrics express the philosophical wonderings and questions of the band concerning life, the journey of man through the years, the past.

Generally the music that Deadly Carnage create, is not Black Metal, so all those you are searching for a Black Metal release, Manthe is not what you are looking for. This album is a good work both regarding the level of composing tracks but also regarding the level of production. However what the band lacks is the confidence in order to surpass their influences and put their personality in the compositions. Although it seems that they are good musicians, they are based in their influences a lot leaving the personal elements and their identity out of their compositions, something that it is quite negative for a band. If someone overlooks the problem mentioned above, he will be satisfied by the album. The fans of the the bands mentioned above listen to it. The rest of you avoid.

1. Drowned Hope 07:28
2. Dome of the Warders 06:46
3. Carved in Dust 04:47
4. Beneath Forsaken Skies 05:21
5. Il Ciclo della Forgia 05:59
6. Electric Flood 03:36
7. Manthe 14:35