Annwvyn (2011) By xDemoNx

Evohe is a four – member band from France, they formed in 2000 and have released one demo in 2001 and two full length albums in 2005 and in 2011. "Annwvyn" is their most recent release and it consists of six tracks with duration of about one hour. Their music is influenced by the Norwegian sound combined with Bathory like, epic elements, however there are also many thrash and heavy parts which show some other influences too.

The riffs have a great variety, interest and they create many feelings to the listener. The compositions have been worked so well that, although the tracks are big in duration, not only you don’t get bored but they keep your interest diminished from the first second until the end. As about the music, it appears that the band’s members are very good musicians because every instrument is very well played. Especially the drums are amazing without wanting to compromise the awesome guitars and bass. The vocals have a great variety too, the main vocals are harsh, old school Black Metal vocals that depending on the part they become heavy death vocals or choral. The production is clean, wants and succeeds to give depth and highlight the compositions. The mix is also very good, creates a very massive sound without burying any instrument. The lyrics have a clear pagan thematology and they complete the experience offered by the music.

The band achieves to create through its influences, and not to reproduce them, with personality and imagination, offers a musical result very modern but at the same time tied to the past. I have to mention that it was released by Unlight Productions (Drakkar) which shows that they do very good choices concerning the bands that they will support. I believe that it is one of the best releases of the last few years and you have to get it.

1. The Deluge of Genesis 08:40
2. The Cracks of Time 07:47
3. When the Winds Blow Over the Aging Skins 06:21
4. Hung at the Gates of Knowledge 07:22
5. Orb Tellurian 09:19
6. The Path of Awakening 12:57