Sacrilegium (2008) By xDemoNx

GROMM is an ukrainian BLACK METAL Horde that exists from 2001. The album Sacrilegium was released in 2008 and was a big surprise for me that i didn't know GROMM before. In this album you will find frozen and epic mid tempo BLACK METAL influenced by the masters Bathory and the true norwegian scene. There are 8 hymns full of power and epic-frozen feeling. The vocals are very good and the fact that all songs are in ukrainian and russian makes the songs more evil. The guitars are cold minimalistic and deliver great riffs which gonna stick in your mind. I can't tell you the best songs because i like them all even the instrumental track is great. I think this album is great and i highly recommend it!

1. Покойся в огне 07:05
2. Обречённый на жизнь 03:55
3. Свинец благодати 05:53
4. Руины живого 02:52
5. Шрапнель нигилизма 06:11
6. Я - твой эшафот I 04:01
7. Я - твой эшафот II 02:52
8. Из грязи - в мразь 05:46