Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult (1998) By Demon of Darkness

Inquisition is a Black Metal from Colombia. I've knew before that Black Metal has a "big" popularity in South America and I tried to listen to some bands from these lands. I'm sorry to say that some of them were ridiculous and some of them were either playing in a "Bathoryian" manner or "Norse" manner but here with Inquistion's release "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult" which have been released in 1998 the thing differs a little . Imagine "Sacrafago" meeting "Moonblood" with a little amount of "folkish" melodies and then you could get a similar sound. First of all the quality is good and the mixing is perfect for the style. You can hear every instrument. The music is slow/mid-pieced for the most part. The mid-pieced parts are full of good old school «Black/Thrash» riffs that work very well for headbanging and the slow parts are quite impressive with many interesting melodic guitar lines that reminded me a little bit of "Dissection". However I got to realize two weak points in this release. First the vocals that sound somehow "robotic" and "nasal" which's annoying because they lack power but if you can get used to them then that won't be a problem. Second is the bass guitar which is lost in the mix. Maybe the band was thinking about adding some thickness to the atmosphere by making it sounding that way but I didn't like it. Overall this release is good and full of "ear-pleasing" moments and I'd like to listen to the other releases from this band.

1. Unholy Magic Attack 05:49
2. Those Of The Night 05:30
3. The Initiation 05:33
4. Empire Of Luciferian Race 06:16
5. Summoned By Ancient Wizards Under A Black Moon 09:14
6. Journey To Infernukeorreka 04:46
7. Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult 05:21
8. Mighty Wargod Of The Templars (Hail Baphomet) 06:19
9. Solitary Death In Nocturnal Woodlands 09:04
10. Hail The Cult 08:14