Incipient Grim (2012) By xDemoNx

Very few information are available about Last Funeral, a four-member band from Serbia that it exists since 2007. Incipient Grim is the band’s only release which was recorded in 2007 but was released some time ago by the French Mortis Humanae.

Their music is quite weird and influenced by many different styles. The fast, harsh Black Metal is combined with the sound of Mercyful Fate, Heavy and Epic melodies as also some Death-Thrash heavy passages. Generally, apart from one or two silly moments, the riffs are very interesting, full of feelings and pictures, they offer to the listener a very nice journey. The guitars are played well, with clear sound and with much passion. The drums concerning their lines and the drummer’s performance are awesome. However their sound is very bad. They sound empty and fake. Unfortunately the bass can’t help this situation as its volume is too low and you can hardly listen to it. The vocals are harsh, aggressive Black Metal vocals, very expressive and passionate.

The production is clean and apart from the sound of the drums, it is very good and reminds the kind of production of a Heavy Metal album, something that fits a lot to the style of the compositions. The mix is also good but I think that the lowered sound of the bass ruins somehow the final result. Unfortunately the lyrics were not contained in the promo that the label sent me, if I don’t make a mistake they are written in English but I don’t know what they are about.

Generally the album, concerning the tracks’ composition, is very good and it is a pity that it wasn’t released earlier. The problems of the sound are not annoying and after the first-second listen, you don’t even notice them. Incipient Grim is a release that really deserves your attention and it can be listened easily by every Metal fan. It is released in cassette format limited in 100 copies. Buy it.

1. Enrapture tha mortality - Where my spirit forever rest 03:43
2. The smell of burning candle in the night 03:55
3. Incipient Grim 05:09
4. Shadar Logoth 04:18
5. My denial to the gods 03:56
6. Seeds of agony 02:52
7. Exalted above throne of Vultures 05:36