Aggelon Apokathilosis (2010) By xDemoNx

This is another Black Metal release by the developing the last years scene of north Greece. Morbid Fog from Karditsa, was formed in 2009 and has released a demo (2009), a split (2010), an EP (2011) and a full length album (Aggelon Apokathilosis). In Aggelon Apokathilosis the band is playing raw European style Black Metal.

There are fast tracks with slow passages and mid – tempo - rhythmic tracks with slow passages. In some parts there is a strong epic – Bathory – like tendency of the group as well as the influences of the old school. I don’t know if the drums come from a drum machine or not but they have done a very good job in that part of the album and combined with the bass’ sound give depth and fill the tracks. On the other hand in the riff’s part of the album, there is a problem. First of all the sound is bad especially in the slow parts, you can hear buzz created by the guitar’s distortion which they become annoying. Apart from that which is a matter of production, the riffs are so simplistic, repetitive, splay and they remind of something else. So there is no personal identity. The vocals are harsh grunts, very intensive and expressive. The lyrics are Satanic and mainly antichristian. The production has given attention to the bass and to the drums, giving a very nice depth to the compositions. However as I said the guitar’s sound isn’t good. Also, the vocals are so much in the frontline so that in some parts you can only hear the vocals.

Generally this album had nothing to offer me and left me indifferent. I have left out of the review the track “Beyond the Forest Ov Shadows” which is really indescribable… I suggest that you avoid this album or if you are interested in that kind of sound you should listen to it before you buy it...

1. Aggelon Apokathilosis 01:53
2. Seven Gates Ov Blasphemy 05:15
3. Wise Woman Ov The Wilderness 04:05
4. Mocking The Holy Faith 07:00
5. Beyond The Forest Ov Shadows 06:08
6. Victims Ov Unholyness 04:53
7. Countess Bathory (Venom Cover) 03:45