De la Vermine (2010) By xDemoNx

Mourning Forest come from France, they consist of five members and were formed in 2008. Until today they have released two full length albums. "De la Vermine" is their second album, which was released in 2010 and it contains seven compositions, one intro and one outro, of total duration of fifty three minutes. So in the album, we find raw Black Metal played with a heavy melancholic attitude and elements of dsbm.

The band is moving between very fast rhythms and mid paced, rhythmic. The riffs, which show much variety, combine melodic with romantic - artistic style of riffing, with dsbm elements and offer a quite interesting experimentation. There are also the fast classic Black Metal riffs. The guitars are quite distorted and raw and add that depressive style to the sound. The drams are played well. The bass can't be heard almost at all and that makes the sound a little empty. The vocals are harsh, raw Black Metal vocals, which put out an awesome dynamism that highlights the compositions even more.

The lyrics are written in French, except of one track written in English and they are dark, ritualistic and quite personal. The production is dirty, it fits to the style of the composition but i would prefer a more bassy production, so as the sound to be deeper. The mix is quite good, with the only negative, the bass' sound which is almost absent.

Generally, the idea of creating that kind of sound is very interesting by itself. Mourning Forest have tried a lot to deliver the idea that they had in their mind, not successfully in the entire album. In some parts the sound is too distorted and becomes annoying and combined with some moderate parts, the listener gets tired and bored. However it is an interesting effort and i would suggest you to listen to it.

1. Intro 01:03
2. Lamentations d'un Pendu 07:49
3. A Travers les Yeux du Vide 07:20
4. Cortege Funebre 07:32
5. A Dead Sun 06:32
6. Nourrir les Corbeaux 04:56
7. Entre Terre et Poussière 09:03
8. Sombre Charognard 07:34
9. Outro 02:08