To Embrace the Nocturnal Hymns (EP 2010) By Vale-of-Mourning

I admit that I didn’t know Nokturnal Forest, (the only thing I have listened to from their country is a Doom Metal band called Olive) so I really didn’t have any idea what to expect by them. The first good impression was given by the cover where everything has been put in a very good position and it’s very elegant, something that you don’t find very often in underground releases…

Moving on to the music, i wasn’t disappointed at all, here we deal with a very good ep of atmospheric Black Metal heavily inspired by the French scene of the ‘90ies. In this tracks you won’t find anything innovative nor anything original but i think that Demon of Darkness himself didn’t try to make this. However there are some very good ideas put together smartly inside the tracks which at least show his abilities in composition.

From this ep I will chose "March of the Nocturnal Path" (which give a lesson to all those super – groups in how to write a song with feeling using only a few tremolo riffs). About the Black Millennium, although it is played correctly and much cleaner than the authentic, although it fits in the style of rest of the ep… I’m just used to listen to it by Mutiilation and with awful production…

In conclusion I want to add that it deserves your attention this release because it comes from an honest band which work under very difficult circumstances. (It is not an easy thing not to be allowed to release freely your work in your country.)

1. Through A Winter Night ... 08:08
2. Transylvanian Darkness 06:16
3. Bloodied Tears 03:57
4. March Of The Nocturnal Path 04:10
5. Black Millenium (Mutiilation Cover) 05:43