Religion of Spiritual Violence (2001) By ScorchedEarth

Old Wainds is a black metal band from Russia, and their cold, raw music gives that impression. Unlike many of their neighbouring Ukrainian black metal bands, they do not use traditional/symphonic instruments in their music, but instead go for a more simple, and raw, approach in the vein of the second wave bands that make this album sound like it was written farther in the past then it was. I found it rather surprising to find this was a release from 2001.

The vocals are very fitting to the music and the use of Russian language lyrics add an interesting aspect to the songs on Religion of Spiritual Violence. The songs conjure and inspire ideas of frozen, isolated, lifeless landscapes with many fantastic melodies that make this album well worth listening to, and I would consider Unholy Nordic Metal to be the best written song found on Religion of Spiritual Violence.

1. Thrown Down and Crushed 04:17
2. The One "Holy" Dead 04:28
3. Flaming One 05:32
4. Portals of the Winter Holocaust 04:59
5. Religion of Spiritual Violence 04:46
6. Unholy Nordic Metal 04:22
7. The Apogee of Prosperity 04:38
8. Until the Immortals Dream 05:39