La Cocaïne des Seigneurs (2013) By xDemoNx

A few months have passed since the release of the first demo attempt of Rein from France, who return with the release of their first full length album. As you may remember, their demo had made a very positive impression on me and created a lot of expectations for their next work. So the anxiety and impatience to listen to their new album was big. However the disappointment is bigger when what you finally listen doesn’t meet your expectations. Unfortunately, that happened with " La Cocaïne des Seigneurs ". The album contains one intro, one outro and six Black Metal tracks, two of which are also contained in the demo, of about forty five minutes in total.

In this album not much have changed regarding the style of the band, that is that the listener will listen harsh, cold Scandinavian Black Metal, but the few changes that have been done are quite important. The riffs are cold, monotonous tremolo riffs. Their difference from the previous release is that on one hand the fast parts have lost that power, that barbaric nature which reminds horde of the north going on war and they have become boring, fast passages that they put out neither feeling, nor images, nor energy. The medium speed riffs are rhythmic, frozen and long in the style of the Scandinavian school, but they are repetitive and they lack of interesting moments. Unfortunately, the only track that didn’t make me bored was "Les Front Des Damnes" which maintains some elements from the demo performance. The structure of the tracks is bad, as someone could describe it as a straight line, namely there is nothing to be distinguished.

Unlike the above, concerning the instruments, the band has worked hard so as to make their performance as good as it gets. The guitars’ sound is clean and they are played with accuracy, without mistakes, but losing a little of their passion. The bass that as also in the demo has its own special place inside the composition, is that which continues to make the difference with its perfect style of play, the interesting lines and the awesome technic. The drums also have quite interesting lines and they are played with comfort. The vocals are another part of the album that disappointed me as here they don’t have any variety, the have lost their thirst and freshness that they had. Before summing up, I have to mention that here the production is clean and the mixture is balanced. This may sound positive but it is not. Technically the production and the mixture of the demo may be worse, but its dirt, its ferocity and its amateurish character fit better to the style of the compositions.

Those of you who will get to know Rein by this album you won’t understand all these things I mention above and maybe you enjoy this album. I expected to listen to that mix of violence with cold feelings that it showed thirst and passion for Black Metal. Something essential that it is absent from this album which makes them another usual band which will pass by as so many others. I hope that in a future release they understand why they stood out and return there. Listen to the album to draw your own conclusions.

1. Frenatae 00:59
2. La Cocaïne des Seigneurs 06:21
3. Des Races et des Dieux 04:34
4. Le Sang des Miens 07:12
5. Hrun 10:43
6. Le Front des Damnés 06:01
7. Au chevet de l'Europe 05:38
8. Procession 03:13