Here Is No Truth (2011) By xDemoNx

"Here is no Truth" is the first album of Seide from France that it was released recently. The band has released so far a demo in 2009 and a full length album. In this album you will find eleven compositions of which two intros and a cover of "Fire Within" by Anteis Symphonia (the other band of the singer Count D.). While the album’s layout refers to raw, warlike Black Metal, in "Here is no Truth" we find a mixture of Black with melodic thrashy Death Metal. The war element exists in the lyrics and concerning the music, it is expressed more like sadness and agony.

The riffs remind enough of melodic Death with many Black parts, they are quite interesting and keep the listener. The guitars which sound louder, are well played, with good technique both in the slower parts both in the fast. The bass and the drums sound lower and although the drums are audible and the good job can be noticed, the bass isn’t audible in every part. However it fills the sound very well and the bass lines which are audible are quite interesting. The vocals are the typical harsh vocals that you would listen in any such band, with nothing special.

The production is clean, bassy and highlights the compositions. As about the mix, it is obvious that the guitars and vocals play the most important role as they sound louder than the rest instruments. The drums and the bass are a little lower. The lyrics are written in English except of “Ein Unendlicher Blitz” and “Dans Une Flaque De Sang” which are written in German and French respectively. The band deals with war, atheism and the lie behind the religions but also for their search both social and personal. Very good lyrics.

Generally Seide album has many good elements and their sound, although this is their first attempt, is quite mature. Maybe it isn’t the Black Metal you may be looking for but I believe that it’s a good release which worth the listen.

1. Nightmares of Humanity (Wrath of Rats) 01:21
2. Ein Unendlicher Blitz 04:48
3. Fire Within 04:08
4. Penetrating Warhead 03:47
5. Mystic Shape of Self Hatred 04:32
6. Inner Devastation 02:17
7. Dark Ages 06:07
8. Danger Zone 02:54
9. Dans Une Flaque De Sang 04:07
10. Sacrifice 04:07
11. They Come to Us 04:51