Midnight Mindtrip (2007) By xDemoNx

Tjolgtjar is an obscure one – man project from the U.S.A. Midnight Mindtrip that released in 2007 is in fact a best of the earlier band’s releases. Musically the band plays raw, European style Black Metal with several experiments by Hard Rock, Heavy Metal up to themes from videogames, which give an ironic – maybe satirical - nature. Also in many parts the minimalist compositions show influences by Ildjarn and the Punk simplicity. The guitars are raw, dirty, with many interesting Black Metal riffs and some cleaner Hard Rock passages and solos. The bass can’t be heard much because it’s covered by the heavily distorted guitar. The programming of the drum machine is quite good and although its sound is flat and fake but I think it fits with the tracks’ style and it’s not irritating. The keyboards aren’t used frequently and in the atmospheric parts are quite good but I didn’t like them in the parts that they play videogames’ themes. The vocals have variety, by harsh vocals up to screams and to some clean vocals. The production is minimalist, with the distorted guitars in the frontline and without any depth of the bass and drums. In several parts reminded me the sound of Ildjarn. The cover of Judas Priest “Deceiver” made a bad impression to me because it is just a worse re – production of the original track. In general I was divided by this album. There were parts or tracks that I liked a lot and other ones that i was indifferent or irritated me. For sure this album isn’t suitable for every taste but its experiments, the expressed paranoia and generally the fact that it draws the attention of the listener, whether likes it or not, makes this a special and mentionable album. My suggestion is to listen to it before you buy.

1. Dark Tjolg Mindtrip 03:01
2. Invocation Towards the Conjuration of Lust 02:30
3. Trapezoidiium (Ungod) 03:26
4. I Am the Ruler of Earth 02:46
5. Tjolgtjarian Messiah 03:22
6. Stoned Running Low 01:54
7. Bomb the Ghetto 03:07
8. Strong Signals from the Other Side 04:30
9. Voyage of Satan's Elves 04:14
11. Satan's Hollow 03:14
12. Gauntlet 04:14
13. Deceiver (Judas Priest Cover) 02:54