Battle Hymn (2006) By xDemoNx

Wings of war is a side project of the frondman of Moontower, Apocalyptic Winds aka Belial. As you understood this release comes from the big underground scene of Poland. I listened to this album many times in order to find something notable... However the quality of this album is very poor. There are 7 tracks, 3 of which are intros with no actual purpose of existence.

Let's talk for the rest of the album. Fist of all the production does not exist. The sound of guitars is so distorted that you can't listen to the exact riff. The bass mixes up with the distorted guitars and you can't even hear it. The peak of the hole album is the drums. The drums are at some points out of the rhythm and they don't give life to the sound. Many times you will feel that there is no real drummer but a drum machine, lifeless and programmed wrongly... The rhythm varies from mid to thrashy tempo and there are some hyperspeedy passages. Finally the vocals are typical BLACK METAL vocals. I don't know if the music is to blame but also the vocals appeared to me out of the rhythm. In general there are one or two good ideas but the sound is so poor that those ideas are missed in the total result. Lyrically they deal with antichristianity, war and hatred. They use English language except for the last track which is in Polish.

In conclusion i was disappointed by Apocalyptic Winds aka Belial because with Moontower has released some quite good albums but this isn't even average. It's totally bad. If you find this album accidentally i advise you to avoid it.

1. Intro 01:29
2. Awaiting The Lightbringer 05:43
3. Intro 2 00:44
4. King of Flies 04:47
5. Intro 3 (bonus track) 01:08
6. Ostatni Hymn (bonus track) 05:54
7. Tej nocy zabijê...(bonus track) 04:23